Is Collaborative Law the Right Choice?

Today nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Unfortunately our adversarial justice system simply doesn’t work well for divorcing spouses. Traditional proceedings often become protracted fights that are emotionally and financially devastating for everyone. A full blown divorce case can take years in litigation and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even when a couple is able to settle a divorce case out-of-court, it is often in the shadow of a trial under conditions of considerable tension and anxiety.

Is a collaborative family lawyer different than just using a divorce attorney?

Is collaborative family law the right choice for me and my spouse?
Yes, if you and your spouse…

The collaborative law process will work well if you and your spouse are determined to behave in a respectful, ethical manner towards each other throughout the process. You both need to value a negotiated solution that meets your needs now and in the future. You both will need to focus your energy toward creative problem solving rather than toward revenge.