Laura Burt

Divorce is difficult. It is hard for the persons going through it. It is hard for the children whose parents are experiencing it. And, it is often hard to watch as a person engaged in the process. Divorce does, however, bring new opportunities and the ability for one to have a more authentic life.

Persons going through divorce need to understand the divorce process and their options to resolve differences. Particularly, one can resolve differences via negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, arbitration or litigation. I work hard to make sure my clients know their options and understand the benefits and detriments associated with proceeding in any certain manner. Only with knowledge can you make the best decisions.

Being the mother of three children, I understand that children’s issues are often complex and need special care to work through. When parties are able to resolve their issues outside of a court proceeding, however, they are usually better able to work together for the benefit of the children. Our court system simply does not set the stage for the reconciliation and collaboration that is necessary when the marriage is broken but the family remains. I truly enjoy working with clients to reach agreements in contentious situations and finding resolutions in cases that might otherwise be headed for litigation.

After years of litigating family issues, I now focus my family law practice on representing clients that want to reach an out of court resolution to their marital issues.

Laura Burt
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